Torres del Paine

At the visitor center Las Torres at Torres del Paine National Park we were allowed to camp for a few days under a tree and use their facilities. A nice spot, we went for hikes and enjoyed the views and nice weather.
The towers are really a spectacular sight and we were lucky enough to have great weather while we were there.

This is a world-famous destination and gets very busy. I hiked up a hill on the opposite side of the famous sendero Mirador Las Torres and watched hundreds of people file up the trail. Günter had taken it very early the same morning to beat the crowds. (He met them on the way down and had to step off the trail constantly to let large groups pass). You can hear many different languages on the trails. European and North American mostly. I was glad to be all by myself on that hill on the other side, the wind was not up yet. I layed in the grass, watched and listened to the birds and smelled the air – perfumed by the mata negra bushes. Being together so much while traveling is not always easy and can take its toll on any relationship, so having some quiet time to myself was a treat. It was early summer and the flowers were starting to bloom, a great sight. Beautiful orchids and bright red fire bushes were all along the trails. After a few days exploring different sights and going on some hikes we left for Lago Azul, it was incredible blue, lived up to its name. We were not allowed to camp there and after checking the weather forecast, we decided to head for Mount Fitz Roy before the clouds and rain will hide it from view.


Getting closer to the torres.


Breath taking views


When you first drive up to the visitor center at Torres, this is what you see. I just can’t stop taking pictures of the guanacos.


Our camp spot for a few days.


The trail Günter took up to the mirador, right side and start of the “W” treck.




Meanwhile, down below, the rest of the hikers get going.



The mirador!!! What a view!


Mata Negra, I love the smell of this bush.


The mountain in the back is called Condors Nest, the story of the name is on the next photo.



Orcida Porcellana




Lago Azul


Lady Slippers





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2 Responses to Torres del Paine

  1. Susan C Ritchie says:

    Hi Sissi and Gunter, glorious photos Sissi and a couple of stunning models. The Mountains are amazing.and Gunter looks pretty cute also. Settled in PS and have missed a very wet winter.Love being an armchair traveler so keep us posted. Love Susan


  2. Sharon says:

    Amazing Adventurers! Thank you for sharing.


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