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Books we liked: Colombia

“The sound of things falling”  (Juan Gabriel Vasquez) tags: Cocaine, Peace Corps, Love “La otra raya del tigre” ,  Pedro Gómez Valderrama,  tags: Geo von Lengerke (Spanish only) and of course the books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Bogota on a Saturday afternoon.

There is a lot of entertainment if you just go for a walk in Bogota on a weekend. Click here for a video clip. Hari krishnas, new agers, capoeira fighters, story tellers, card players, marionette players  ……. .

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Tatacoa Desert – Tierradentro – San Augustin

After a short stint in the Tatacoa desert and more bike riding we went to see the famous tombs of Tierradentro and statues in San Augustin. Both sites were very interesting, the towns nice and the people friendly. To see … Continue reading

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Coffee country and volcan Machin

Colombia is famous for its coffee. So we went looking for Juan Valdez, the campesino and his mule Conchita that has been advertising Café de Colombia all over the world for many years. Leaving Bogota we headed west and first drove to Los  Nevados … Continue reading

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Caño Cristales

On the drive down from the mountains of Cocuy our brakes really squeaked a lot and we decided to go to Bogotá, have the brakes fixed, get an oil change and have ” Dodgie ” looked over. During that time we could … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

We had seen the snow-covered peaks from our camp spot at the pass between Mogotes and San Joaquin and we were looking forward to going there and do some hiking. It was the end of July and the weather up … Continue reading

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Colombia: Cartagena to El Cocuy

On the 15th of July we set sail for Colombia, said good-bye to the North American continent and the next morning we had Cartagena on the horizon. Buenos Dias South America! We disembarked in Cartagena harbor – but not our … Continue reading

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