Our camper

We never owned a camper before. When we decided to go see more of the world we were torn between getting a catamaran or a camper. Sail the seas or hit the road?

Günter did all the research and finally in the fall of 2012 we decided to buy a camper.

It needed to be able to go places that were not that easily accessible, It needed to be a reasonable size and we did not want to rough it too much.

He found the

XP Camper

in Grass Valley, California

online. After a few phone calls Günter flew to California and put in an order.

Here it is:


XP Camper # 9


We love our camper, it is our home away from home.

2 Responses to Our camper

  1. Love the XP. We’re jealous!


  2. Greg von Buchau says:

    Hi guys
    Just picked up my XP last week. Wondering about those nice looking chairs in you picture. We need a couple like that. Who makes them?


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