Revash – Northern Highlands



Revash, we decided, will be the  last ruin we would visit here in the Northern Highlands of Peru. You can’t see them all but even if you visit a few you get an idea about the past in these places. Next would be the Inca ruins around Cusco.

So up we drove again, past the trail sign for “Revash”, we had read that the hike it long, steep and hot when the sun shines. There is a fairly new dirt road that leads to the little town of San Bartolo. From there it is an easy hike over to the rock cliff where there are many colorful little houses wedged into cliff ledges and cracks. They are not homes for the living though, they are funerary buildings and used to hold mummies. Years ago they were looted by grave robbers and all that remains are the structures. We parked in the square of San Bartolo and hiked through the town toward the cliff. I was glad I brought the hiking poles as the trail got a little steep and narrow and the drop off got bigger. Finally we were there, there were many little structures up high and below us. Some were not accessible, it must have been quite a feat to make it to those ledges and hold a funeral.

Also below us we saw two people resting and called down to them. It turned out they were two young backpackers from Germany, they had come up the long way and were surprised to hear from us that there is an easier trail. Later they hiked down again, missed their bus and got a ride from us to Leymebamba.

While we enjoyed the ruins I have to say that the little town of San Bartolo was just as interesting to me. Traditional houses, laid back people, children playing in the square. So I took my time walking back from the ruins, made small talk with some locals and enjoyed the goings on the cobble stone trail. Meanwhile Günter, always hungry, went ahead and tried to find out if we could get lunch somewhere in town. Well, the town is to small for a restaurant, but he found lady and her daughter that agreed to cook as a lunch. The houses are built of clay/straw/wood and have few if any windows. We entered their house and it took a while for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. Sparse furniture on earthen floor is all we could see. The ladies were very nice and produced some toasted hominy, a soup and the standard rice, potatoes and chicken on a plate. It was good, the kitchen is semi outdoor and just as sparse, a fire in the stove, stacked dishes and a gaggle of guinea pigs running around.

A special little town.


and up again


the road we came up on



plowing time


leaving San Bartolo for the ruins







they were butchering when I came by, on my way back the meat was hanging on the clothes line


a brand new house

IMGP5546 IMGP5544 IMGP5543 IMGP5541


practicing spinning


never leave home without your spindle or knitting project


lunch time


toasted hominy and soup for starters


the kitchen



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5 Responses to Revash – Northern Highlands

  1. Sharon Mueller says:

    Amazing!!! I revisit your emails looking at the pictures, reading the text…in awe of your experiences. Enjoy! I am! Peru is what I expected…seems to exceed all expectations. Thank you for sharing! Safe travels.


  2. Anita Kirsch says:

    Toller Reisebericht,wunderschöne Fotos!! Wünsche Euch weiterhin eine gute Reise! Eure Anita


  3. krakauer stewart says:

    As you can see, i’m a little behind in following your journey, but that little town looks amazing! Too smll for a restaurant sounds pretty appealing!

    Cheers, Tim

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